In the spring of 2007 over a bottle of vodka and a game of chess Dustin and Adrian hatched a plan to row a boat from New Delhi to Varanasi,  1300 kilometers down the river, for adventures sake.  2 weeks before they departed from Canada a producer invited the two out for drinks.  He had a proposal: “I will help you turn your adventure into a TV series but there is a catch, instead of the 1300kms you were planning I want you to row 2500kms.”  In perfect Adrian and Dustin style, they immediately agreed, not considering any of the risks.  The resulting adventure is “Around the Next Bend”, a 12 episode travel documentary.

In early 2008 Adrian Traquair and Dustin Corkery set off in search of adventure.  With 2 cameras, a solar panel and a tent the duo set out to row over 2500 kilometers from New Delhi to Dhaka on the Ganges River in an inflatable raft.  With little experience on the water and even less planning, this was no small task.   The friends ended up spending 100 nights on the river battling heat stroke, parasites, thieves and hunger.  Their documentary, “Around the Next Bend,” chronicles the daily triumphs and struggles the boys have as they navigate down this mystic river.

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Season 2 ups the adventure as Adrian and Dustin attempt to drive a 198cc 3-wheeled Auto Rickshaw over 10,000kms, the length of South America.

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